Report A Sighting

To report a monk seal sighting or a monk seal on the beach, please call:

Oahu:  (808) 220-7802

Kauai:  (808) 651-7668

Maui/Lanai:  (808) 292-2372

Molokai:  (808) 553-5555

Hawaii Island:  (808) 756-5961

Or report a sighting from your computer or smartphone here.

To report a stranded or entangled marine mammal, please call (888) 256-9840

What To Report:  We thank you in advance for taking the time to contact us about having seen a marine mammal. We welcome any and all information. Your sighting report would be most useful to us if you could include the following information:

  • Date and time of sighting
  • Descriptive location of sighting including island, beach name if applicable, and GPS coordinates if available
  • Estimated size of animal (length)
  • Identifying characteristics (hind flipper tags, applied bleach number on body, significant scars or other markings)
  • Animal’s behavior, including interactions with people and other animals
  • Photos of the animal and its location