: Volunteer & Staff Activity

April 2017 Activity Update

The work of Hawaii Marine Mammal Alliance builds on a legacy of support for Hawaii’s endangered and threatened marine species, field response, monitoring and assessment activity, stranding support, educational outreach and community involvement that began in 2008.

Examples of our work during the past year includes:

  • Hawaiian monk seal sightings recorded by our Dispatch & Reporting team:  over 2,400
  • Team members engaged in shoreline responses or surveys:  over 2,700 times
  • Hawaiian monk seal related escalations or emergency responses:  18 (needing 91 days of work)
  • Hawaiian monk seal and other marine mammal strandings:  5 (needing 10 days of work)
  • Volunteer hours:  over 10,170 (over 30 hours of volunteer time per day)
  • Team member engagements with members of the public:  over 35,400

Help us continue this important work.  Join our volunteer team or donate to our cause.  Click on http://h-mar.org/get-involved/ to learn more.  

We thank you for your support.